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The Algarve region is big and friendly with a mediterranean climate marked by the sea and wild flowers fragrances. Wherever you focus your attention the mountains and sea colours are always present like a water painting with popping colours.

A drive in the Algarve shows the landscape the best way to discover this region. Lose yourself in the seaside village alleys along the most beautiful beaches in Europe.


The architecture is very distinct with Churches museums and some fortifications along the Algarve coast reminding us about the history of the past.

The traditional seafood and fish plates are always a highlight as are the “cozidos” a mix of meats and vegetables in one dish.

The Algarve is at its best during summer when it goes into full swing with visitors being nationals and foreigners enjoying sunshine activities as well as moonlight adventures. The golf courses the water sport activities sun seekers and the Bars nightclubs and Casino all make the Algarve such a popular destination.

We also recommend the practice of sports either on the green golf fields or in the Algarve mountains which after Winter dress themselves with a pinkish white – thanks to the almond trees that fill the horizon.

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