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North of Portugal


Porto Braga Guimarães and the Douro River

Portugal was born in the north where Guimarães known as the cradle of our Nation due to the fact that our first king Alfonso Henriques being born here and having pursued his firm determination to found his own country and eventually nation started out of this city conquering and defeating who stood in his way. Guimarães has Castle fortifications monuments and Churches all waiting to be discovered after booking with Prestige world travel.

Porto World Heritage city and second largest city is the big entry gate to the natural and cultural visitors trip. It is also known for wine PORT wine not produced here but traded and marketed from Porto to travel the world also the architecture where great icons like Álvaro Siza Vieira and Souto de Moura were born both Pritzker prize winners.This architectural heritage mixes Churches and monuments like the Cathedral or the S. Francis Church with the modern buildings like Casa da Música and the Serralves museum. A truly Portuguese traditional city that was conquered in 12th century and never fell out of Portuguese hands thus also known to locals as “Invicta”


Braga and Viana do Castelo north of Porto cities which the Romans had under their control at a time have Churches Religious Sanctuary roman paths and bridges to show besides the pleasant and great hospitality true to the Portuguese Nation.

The Douro River forms the very famous Douro Valley wine producing region after flowing out of Spain across Northern Portugal to Pinhão and Peso Da Regua in the heart of the wine producing DOURO region where the river banks are layered with vineyards from the many different estates. River boat rides are a big attraction in the region besides wine producing and tasting as well as the gastronomy from the region.

The beauty of the landscape the peaceful atmosphere and the hospitality of the people make the main product from this region world famous Wine.

All this is waiting after booking the visit with Prestige world travel service.