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Sintra Cascais


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Sintra is known for its beauty nature and history considering it is a UNESCO world heritage site.
You just cannot describe Sintra being there is an experience because of its unique characteristic you just need to see and involve yourself in its spirit and mistery.

The Sintra mountain its “breath of fresh air” and the history for all tourists and its inhabitants because it mixes a natural beauty with monuments and rich landscape.

Sintra has always been a great inspiration for poets like “Os Maias” by the author Eça de Queirós and even for the famous author Luís de Camões with “Os Lusíadas” as well as Lord Byron with his famous writings.


Just a few miles away you’ll find the village of Cascais considered by many as the Portuguese “Riviera”. Both Estoril and Cascais are full of glamour and charisma. Yet it offers diversity full of attractions and experiences in narrow little streets are beautiful places mixing nature culture and heritage along this amazing coastline.


The Sintra-Cascais Natural Park is a great way of connecting both villages the park is not only a unique location for the protection of fauna and flora but also a place that is aware about the eco tourism factor.